How to Avoid a Bad Boyfriend with Chinese Face Reading

Chinese Face Reading evolved as a way of diagnosing disease, ascertaining constitutional strengths and weaknesses, and predicting how individuals would get along together. I studied face reading with Patrician McCarthy, of the Mian Shiang Institute, at Yo San University. Her classes brought the abstract concepts of the 5 Elements into tangible features and personality traits. Face reading is not only an incredible tool for acupuncturists, but also for every manager, salesperson, and dating person.

My teacher emphasized both the gifts and challenges of our facial features. Thick eyebrows, for example, show a propensity towards great passion, or anger, depending on our choices and life experiences. What each of us needs and wants in terms of a relationship partner varies considerably and you will want to delve into face reading more deeply for specific features that work for you in a mate.

Mel-Gibson-crazyCrazy Eyes

A person’s Shen, or spirit, can be seen in their eyes. The number one red flag is someone with a crazy, sinister, or otherwise unsettling look in their eyes. Unless someone is non-functional, they will be able to maintain a facade of normalcy during initial courtship. The unsettling gaze is something you will catch by chance when a person is triggered and their pathology surfaces. This may seem obvious, but we often disregard our instincts when the person in question has an otherwise pretty package.

While a crazed look should be taken as a clear sign to get away, the following traits are tendencies to keep an eye out for:

Sizeable Cleft Chin

Sizeable Cleft Chin

An Extreme Cleft

An Extreme Cleft

Cleft Chin

This is a matter of degree. A shallow indentation or dimple is a Fire trait and shows a desire for attention, playful flirtation, physical connection, and fun sexuality. My teacher also called it a Performer’s Chin as it is common amongst actors and other performers.

A cleft indicates more ego than fun as a motivation, a stronger need for attention, and also an association between getting sex and feeling loved. If someone is not aware, this can lead to a propensity towards sex addiction.

A very deep cleft indicates an even stronger association between sex and love. Sexual rejection is very difficult for them and there is a tendency towards addiction and predatory behavior if they have not learned to deal with these feelings. This is also an indicator of a “manly” man.

drphilLittle Eyes

Very small eyes in proportion to the rest of the face indicates someone who is ambitious, self-referential, materialistic, and hedonistic in sensual pursuits. These qualities make them more likely to be unfaithful. There are many factors involved in people being unfaithful. These individuals just have a stronger natural pull in that direction.

jawsInverted Trapezoid-Shaped Face

Strong jaws are a sign of determination. As with all features, the bigger the feature, the stronger the trait. Determination is exaggerated in an inverted trapezoid-shaped face. The jaws are wide and strong compared to a narrower forehead. These individuals are physically strong, determined to get their way, and aggressive. They can be tyrannical.

hugh-grantDownward Slanting Eyebrows

When the eyebrows slant downwards it indicates a tendency towards high expectation of others but not necessarily of themselves. They also tend towards selfishness and promiscuity. They do tend to be loyal once they find the right person.

Prominent browbone both central forehead and over eyes.

Prominent browbone both central forehead and over eyes.

Prominent Browbone

A prominent browbone indicates control. When the browbone is prominent over the eyes but not the center, the individual has a great deal of self-control. When the browbone is strong in the center of the forehead this indicates a need to control others.

daniel-craigThicker Lower Lip

The lower lip tends to be a little fuller than the top lip in most people. Also a thick lower lip balanced by a thick upper lip does not apply. This refers to the lower lip being significantly, proportionately larger than the upper lip. Such individuals tend to be sensual, unreliable, and have an (undeserved) high opinion of themselves. They have difficulty keeping relationships or staying faithful. They have a lot of wants and needs and act out on their desires.


When the two eyebrows are connected it indicates there is more anger than passion, and a tendency to direct it towards others. These individuals tend to be edgy, provocative, and quick to fight. While this may be a great trait in a contact sport, it isn’t so nice in relationships. This is an easy fix, however. Consistent tweezing will mellow this trait over time.

In closing I want to note that our personalities and behaviors are also shaped by our social conditioning, family values, and personal choices. For example, I know a man with a very prominent browbone (both central and over the eyes). He is a warm, laid back guy by all accounts, particularly to his wife and child. He claims he had been willful as a child but that his tough Korean mom had “beat it out” of him. He had learned to funnel his controlling nature into professional accomplishments and kept it out his relationships. Rather, use these features as additional clues.

Many of these traits are also associated with high testosterone, a quality that requires social conditioning and positive outlets in order to be constructive.

The Face Reader – by Patrician McCarthy, is an extensive look at Daoist Face Reading covering 5 Element Personalities and specific facial features. She has 5 new books coming out in 2014, one for each element.




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