Miley Cyrus: Tongue Diagnosis

Though is difficult to do face reading or tongue diagnosis from pictures due to lighting and limited angles, as an acupuncturist I found it interesting to track Miley Cyrus’ tongue. These are photos compiled on Digital Spy.


Miley earlier 2008

Miley in 2008 presents with a pale enlarged tongue with a white coating.

Palor indicates Qi and/or Blood deficiency. The puffiness and white coating are a sign of Phlegm Damp accumulation.


Miley later 2008

Miley later 2008, presents a redder tongue with a distinctly red tip and a yellowish/dirty coating.

The red tip shows Heat in the Heart, typical of emotional stress, insomnia, and agitation. The tongue body is also a bit red indicating generalized Heat. The coating would indicated Dampness had progressed to Damp Heat.


Miley earlier 2013

Jumping to Miley 2013, we see a pale tongue body, slightly red tip, and yellowish coating.

The pale tongue body indicates Qi and Blood deficiency. The redder tip indicates continued Heart Shen disruption as in emotional stress. The slightly yellow coating indicates Dampness with a little Heat.


Miley 2013

Recent Miley shots sport this side tongue. It gives the tongue a “v” shape characteristic of Liver Qi stagnation. Also a tongue veering off to the side like that would typically indicate Liver Wind and potential serious conditions such as stroke or seizures. However, since this appears to be a practiced positioning, I would not worry.


Miley 2013 VMA Awards

This side angle from the 2013 VMA Awards again shows a pale tongue body with slightly yellowed coating.

If the pictures are an accurate indicator, Miley tends towards Qi and Blood deficiency with Dampness and occasional Heat flare ups, particularly in the Heart. Though her persona is that of a Liver excess personality (even going so far as to imitate the Liver excess tongue), she appears to be more of a Spleen deficient/Heart excess type. I would recommend perhaps a modified Gui Pi Tang.

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